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We're not just another garage door repair company; we deeply appreciate how a broken garage door can upset your day. With over ten years of refining our craft, there's hardly a garage door challenge we haven't met. Ready to serve 24/7 for emergencies, our empathetic and approachable technicians are geared up to assist every Cochrane resident. And for that extra layer of trust, remember each repair is reinforced by our warranty, underscoring our devotion to our work and our allegiance to you.

At AAA Garage Door, we're more than just skilled hands. Picture us as your local Cochrane repair experts, ever prepared to set your garage door right whenever something breaks.

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A malfunctioning garage door isn't merely a mechanical hindrance. It's a bump in your morning, a disruption to your plans, and a dent in your peace. At AAA Garage Door Repair, we’re not just here to fix the mechanism, but to restore routine to your life.

Ready When You Need Us Most: Life is unpredictable, but our dedication isn't. With our 24/7 team, we ensure you’re never left waiting. We tackle garage door challenges head-on, any time you call.

Building Trust, One Repair at a Time: Rooted in Zoahar Elbaz's vision, AAA isn’t just about mending. We’re here to foster a bond, making sure every Cochrane resident knows they have a friend in the garage door repair business.

Quality Repairs, Honest Prices: We believe every Cochrane homeowner deserves the best. That’s why we commit to exceptional garage door repairs that don't break the bank.

When your garage door acts up in Cochrane, AAA is a trusted hand ready to help.

Your Neighborhood Garage Door Ally in Cochrane

To some, a faulty garage door might just be a technical snag. But to Zoahar Elbaz, the driving force behind AAA, he perceives the wider picture: a missed appointment, a trapped car, or an exposed home. Having been through garage door woes himself, he didn’t just see a personal inconvenience; he felt the pulse of a Cochrane community seeking reliability.

It's not just about fixing a garage door; it's about restoring confidence. With Zoahar's guiding philosophy, AAA isn't merely in the business of repair. It's about standing by every resident, ensuring they have reliable access and security.

When you opt for AAA, you’re not just selecting a repair team; you’re aligning with a neighbor, dedicated to preserving the seamless flow of your Cochrane life. Under Zoahar’s guidance, AAA represents more than expertise—it embodies a promise to stand by every resident, come rain or shine.

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Useful Tips To Troubleshoot Your Garage Door

At AAA, our commitment to Cochrane goes beyond just addressing garage door challenges. We're passionate about equipping you with the know-how, ensuring you’re never caught off guard when your garage door plays up. Before we navigate through repair options, let's shed light on familiar garage door symptoms and arm you with tips to discern them effectively.

Off-Track Garage Doors


  • Grimacing groans and unsettling screeches.
  • Doors that hesitate, halt, or reverse mid-operation.
  • Door failing to complete its open or close cycle.

Quick Checks:

  • Examine tracks for visible obstructions or warping.
  • Confirm the tracks are level using a level tool.
  • Ensure the tracks are clean and free of debris.

Do's & Don'ts:

  • Do: Clean tracks regularly to prevent build-up.
  • Don't: Forcefully operate a door that's showing signs of being off-track.

Sensor Problems


  • Door stops randomly or doesn’t respond consistently.
  • Persistent light flashing on the garage door opener.

Quick Checks:

  • Confirm nothing is obstructing the sensor's path.
  • Clean sensors to remove dust or cobwebs.
  • Ensure both sensor lights are stable and not flickering.

Do's & Don'ts:

  • Do: Keep the area around sensors clutter-free.
  • Don't: Place objects close to the sensors, even temporarily.

Wear & Tear Springs


  • Door falls faster than usual when closing.
  • Door is exceptionally hard to lift.
  • Loud bang from the garage when trying to operate the door.

Quick Checks:

  • Visually inspect springs for gaps or stretches.
  • Ensure balance by disconnecting the opener and manually lifting the door halfway. If it doesn’t stay put, springs might be the issue.

Do's & Don'ts:

  • Do: Schedule regular inspections, as springs have a set lifecycle.
  • Don't: Attempt DIY fixes for springs; it’s hazardous due to the tension they hold.

Opener Malfunctions


  • Door doesn't respond to remotes or wall switch.
  • Unusual sounds emanating from the opener.
  • Door reverses immediately after touching the ground.

Quick Checks:

  • Examine the opener's power source to ensure it's plugged in.
  • Reset or replace the unit's fuse, circuit breaker, or GFCI.
  • Test other devices on the power outlet to rule out outlet issues.

Do's & Don'ts:

  • Do: Regularly test all functionalities of the opener.
  • Don't: Overlook the manufacturer's maintenance recommendations.

Chestermere's Premiere AAA Garage Door Repair Service

AAA Garage Door is deeply entrenched in Chestermere's community. Under the guidance of Zoahar Elbaz, our presence over the past eight years has been more than just a business—it's been a commitment to our fellow residents. Our reputation isn't just built on our services, but on the genuine concern we extend to our customers. Whether it's expert advice on choosing the perfect garage door, swift repairs, or a comprehensive replacement, we stand by Chestermere residents.

Honest Pricing

Being a homegrown Chestermere enterprise, AAA Garage Door is rooted in values of honesty and fairness. We guarantee top-notch service, ensuring there are no surprise charges. Our pricing is transparent and fair—because we treat our neighbors the way we wish to be treated.

Seasoned Experts

A decade of dedication speaks for itself. With over ten years in the garage door business, our seasoned team boasts both knowledge and skill. Whether it's a fresh installation, a minor fix, or a complete overhaul, Chestermere residents know we're the go-to experts.

Putting Our Customers First

Choice is a luxury we always provide, but at AAA, it's the customers who remain paramount. We prioritize your needs, ensuring swift and efficient services that respect your time. From the moment we begin to the final clean-up, it's all about delivering unmatched value to you


Fully Satisfied And Happy Customers

Incredibly satisfied with all aspects of the service with AAA Garage Door Services Calgary. The spring on our garage door broke in the late afternoon so by the time I could check into companies, many were closed for the day. I was thankful to find AAA Garage Door Services Calgary was still open and had great reviews. So impressed overall!

– Jason

AAA Garage Door Services Calgary was an excellent experience for us from the start. From the customer service over the phone to schedule our appointment, to quick scheduling and proficient communication to the excellent service we received from AAA Garage Door Services Calgary, we could not be happier with our service.

– Jason

The spring on my garage door broke. It was very easy to setup an appointment. AAA Garage Door Services Calgary arrived on time. He was very friendly and knowledgeable. They listened to my concerns and answered every question. I am very pleased and would not hesitate to contact AAA Garage Door Services Calgary.

– Jason

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